Car insurance is a minefield. It is mandatory for all motorists using vehicles on the public highway. You might well have valid cover, however, the real question might be…Is your car REALLY insured?

Your insurance company will expect you to keep your car in a roadworthy condition, it will be written into your policy terms and conditions. Regular proactive maintenance demonstrates that you are complaining with the requirements of your insurer and following the recommendations of your car’s manufacturer. An Mot test every year alone does not constitute keeping your car in a roadworthy condition.

When we carry out an Mot test or annual service we might report a number of advisories or service recommendations,  just be mindful that you might be invalidating your insurance cover if you decide not to action some of these points. For example,  if we advise a tyre is on the legal limit then just because it has passed the test it still might be under what your insurance company deem “A roadworthy condition.”

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